What Makes a Photograph a Potrait

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Otherwise all photographs of people are Portraits, what makes a photograph a picture? This collection of articles will certainly define what constitutes a Portrait, and also what requires to be done relating to the photography and after that to the picture in order for a photo to qualify as a proper picture.

Are All Pictures of People Pictures? … or …


My name is Stan Cox II. I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Digital Photography, as well as have actually been a professional Portrait Photographer for over 30 years. In this and in the following few short posts I’ll be showing you the essential elements of what makes a photograph a Portrait.

Let’s begin with a couple interpretations. There are a number of terms utilized to describe photos, such as: PHOTO; SNAPSHOT; PHOTO … A PHOTO is simply any type of recording of light and
darkness. Derived from the Greek Phos, implying light, as well as Graphe, indicating a depiction using lines, PICTURE hence indicates “drawing with light”, or the recording of light.

PORTRAIT has a various definition … A Painting, a Sculpture, or a PICTURE might be a Picture.

A PICTURE is an Imaginative depiction of a Person, or People in which the facial expression is predominant, and also when it comes to 3/4 or complete length pictures, also the body movement. The Artistic Intent being to capture and share the Character and also State Of Mind of the Subject as well as the Likeness.

Creativity as well as Intent play a vital part planned of a Portrait. So then, a Photo definitely may be a Portrait, yet not all pictures of people are Pictures! Following I’ll look into the subject of INTENT as it relates to PORTRAITURE.

Exactly how does INTENT play into the process of creating Portraits?

As I mentioned previously, the Artistic INTENT of Portrait consists of the development of a Representation of the topic, this depiction needs to reveal the Likeness of the topic, and also the Personality as well as even the Mood.

There are numerous methods which these elements might be portrayed in a PHOTO. To do so needs the picture artist to become at the very least accustomed with the subject. After that think of a PLAN.

With each additional person consisted of in the picture, this job becomes extra included, yet continues to be the exact same: i.e. Show the LIKENESS, to put it simply, the Picture must RESEMBLE the individual or individuals

as well as it should Show the PERSONALITY; as well as show the MOOD of the topics.

Normally talking, a PORTRAIT needs to likewise be FREE OF CHARGE to the topic. This is especially real in case where one is Worked with to develop PORTRAITS!

winningw88.com In the famous Painting, “Luncheon of the Boating Celebration”, which is in fact a Team Picture, Renoir picked to use the Place, Motif, (a Boating party), and Costume to represent the general Mood in addition to add hints to specific Individualities. More hints to specific Personality are given up the Body movement and Face shown of everyone.

Part of the Artistic Creation Process of making a Portrait is the PREPARATION of the Elements that will be utilized in representing the individuality of the topic.

In the next write-up, I’ll speak about simply that: PLANNING and PREP WORK as it relates to PORTRAIT.